Meow meow

Your awesome Tagline

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Anonymous asked: you could be famous though. i could be president of the fan club

That’s a good idea

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Anonymous asked: lol you so famous! couldnt even tell i followed you. fancy much?

I don’t think I’m famous :(

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Anonymous asked: lmao i did not see it what are some of your pet peeves though i wanna know about you, im getting ready to follow you on ig hahahaha

Go ahead and follow me :D hehe

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Anonymous asked: you shouldnt be thanking me i should be thanking you! i like how you dress too, your soooo easy on the eye! i gotta see you frown i bet you still look good

I think I have posted up a frowning picture before lol. >:D

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Anonymous asked: why do i gotta try so hard to not be impressed? like why i cant like all yo pictures like i want?

Of course you can

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Anonymous asked: your belly button is too pretty! im like why would somebody ask for you to get semi nude i already cant handle it

Awww that’s really nice and sweet oh you. 😭